Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How to Uninstall the Drivers on Mac OS X 10.6?

Drivers or Kext’s as we know in Mac parlance are considered as quintessential for running a PC. But at times faulty drivers also end up giving PC users more of a headache than being the pivotal elements on which an OS runs. Thus in the bargain making their uninstallation a more of a hard reality than anything else. So, without adieu it would be worth harping on the facts coming in handy towards uninstalling the drivers on your Mac OS X 10.6. Well, here they go:

1.       Remember, Driver’s or Kext’s are installed in System/ Library/ Extensions. To delete or remove a driver all you need to do is drag the driver to the trash and initiate the reboot process

2.       Pay attention to what you are deleting. Ensure you are deleting only a driver and not any of the Apple installed Kext’s

3.       Any deletion or installation of drivers (Kext’s) would make the reboot process a whole longer as the Kext cache  would need to be rebuilt

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