Saturday, 14 July 2012

How Do I Uninstall Avast! Free Antivirus for Mac Version 7.0?

Avast is highly efficient yet effective antivirus application software. But then again at times Mac users who have installed the application on their system feel there could be some viable alternative for the brand, and uninstallation would be the need of the hour. But let us tell you uninstalling Avast on a Mac is just slightly more cumbersome than other applications, simply for the fact quitting the program does not shut it down and but of course Avast cannot be removed until it is shut down. A catch-22 situation indeed but not the case when you end up following the underlined steps. Starting with:
1.       Navigate to Avast and from there on select “Preferences”  
Antivirus Support for Mac

2.       Next, go ahead "uncheck" the option to ‘Launch at startup as a persistent application’
 Avast Antivirus Support

3.       Once prompted go ahead and click the button to ‘Quit and remove persistence’
Mac Antivirus Support
4.       As and when the process gets completed, you can simply drag Avast from your applications folder to your trash bin and then empty your trash bin to remove it from your system for once and all

    If you still getting problem with these steps manually than you can connect with us at +1-855-877-5848(Toll Free) for Antivirus Support for Mac Assistance or also contact us here


    1. This is really nice information. and clearly define step by step to help uninstall avast antivirus

    2. Avast help me so much to avoid virus from internet and other's usb. This antivirus free version work well and I think I don't need to trick them with some key or cracked version from internet!

      I dont know why someone need to remove it? What happen when using avast?

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    4. If you need to remove Avast 7.x from many Mac devices in a scripted/automated manner (e.g. when doing a mass replacement of AV) there is a tool called AppRemover On Demand from OPSWAT that supports that approach.
      It can be used on up to 3 Mac devices for free. Thereafter you need to buy a license from them; they price it based on usage.

    5. Antivirus SupportThank you for another great article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing.

    6. I used AppRemover after I heard about it on CNET and it worked really well for me. You should try it out.

    7. I have recently found AppRemover, and it has worked for Mac products, which i guess is a new feature

    8. I used AppRemover and it worked well.

    9. Can you update this for the new version of avast? There is no launch at startup option in the preferences.

    10. My Mac was getting extremely slow after installing Avast.
      This morning it crashed completely and no program could be launched anymore.
      I had to 'safe reboot' and could than drag Avast to the trash folder.
      Than it said I had no airport card...
      Had to reboot again and than my Mac started working normal again.

      Had to reinstall Avast (drag from trash, reinstall) so I could than 'uninstall' it from its menu.
      Than in Library/applications had to remove all what was left from Avast... that was still a full list!

      I just hope my Mac will work normally again now!

      Note that this is the second time I put an antivirus on my Mac and that I have had problems afterwards. I had it with MacKeeper, that I paid for! After a good year (when I did not renew) got lots of problems with my Mac, in the end I had to remove MacKeeper completely.
      Now I have similar problems with Avast...

      I consider not having any antivirus anymore since they seem to give me more problems!

    11. Avast is worst than virus and trojans itself. After installing Avast my Time machine external driver crashed. Also iMac started to run slow. And finally Chrome started to show Avast icons on Google Searches. DO NOT INSTALL THIS SPAMMY SOFTWARE!!!

    12. I came across an application that is maintainable and you don't encounter any sort of discrepancy. It's a GUI-based version just for Mac's that uninstalls applications for free. I went to the website to retrieve this free application.