Thursday, 2 May 2013

How to Win Over Mac OS X Lion Installation Blues? - Star-Infranet

It won’t come without any second thought that Mac OS X Lion with its designed for perfection look and feel, can make your temptation horses run high. But then, no matter how much charming it may seem, your tour de force can meet the end of the road if you are not geared up with the know-how on how to install it on your system. A warehouse of superlative features are lying in wait to be unwrapped, but then knowing that you can’t do anything except passing the blame buck, can be quite infuriating. Here are few tips that can make you match the footsteps of your Mac OS X Lion, so that installation process doesn’t cause to be a roadblock:
  • First thing First
Before setting in a right direction, it’s always a wise approach to check it by yourself that your PC sets perfectly fit in the desired criteria. First and foremost is that you should have a Mac enabled PC which sustains on Intel Core2 Duo processor or Xeon processor. Also, you should have OS X v 10.6.6 or later versions of OSX installed, but technorattis put forward for OS X v 10.6.8 or Snow Leopard as the minimum requirement. On the other hand, 7 GB of available disk space and 2 GB of RAM also need to be looked for, while trying your hands on the installation job.
  • Watch Out for error messages
There are hell lot of error messages that can bring the installation process to the crossroads, but then it’s always prudent to keep clear cut knowledge of the stumbles beforehand. The most widespread of them is “Some features of Mac OS X Lion are not supported for the disk (volume name)". It seriously interprets that installer is unable to create the Recovery HD partition on the hard-disc of your PC. Although, not holding a vital share in installation of Mac OS X Lion, yet you are unable to access some of the features without a Recovery HD. FileVault disk encryption or lack of on-disc utilities for disk repair and setting a firmware password are surely some of the features which you have to miss upon in your Mac OS X experience journey if this issue persists. If you want negate this problem in a hassle-free way, then you can get hold of OS X Lion installer from the Mac App Store in order to create an external bootable drive, complete with a Recovery HD partition.
  • Root-out incompatible software troubles
At times, you will found that some of the previously existing software couldn’t be found anymore on your newly installed Mac OS X Lion enabled PC. This might be due to the fact that Mac OS X has considered them incompatible and thus they are moved into a separate folder named “Incompatible Software". If you are wedged with this trouble, you can check out the same folder to find out which all software have been tagged incompatible and then get in touch with the software vendor for getting hold of recent updated versions of software.

Mac OS X Support Can Be The Best Redeemer

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